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Camera Controller Prototype 1 now revived

NOTE: For anyone still following this blog, please note this has been moved to I will seldom be posting reminders here, will not be updating content here, and will be pasting no further content.

I have added a new post regarding my camera controller here:


Controlling a camera in Linux – continued

Last post, I looked at what we could do on my old Nikon D60 DSLR connected to the Parallella using both Ubuntu and ArchLinux. This time, I will see what extended options there are on a newer DSLR, in this case the Nikon D7000. Continue reading

Robotic Camera Platform – the story so far, where to from here?

As posted here, I am planning to use the Parallella as the main processor for my robotic camera platform. This is something I started thinking about 3 or so years back. It is just something to do with my hobbies, which combines my love of photography and robotics – it need not be inherently useful in and of itself, but who knows where it will lead. Continue reading